Other Services

Tile Roof Specialist

At Pete’s Roofing, we specialize in all types of tile repair and replacement. If you notice that you have an issue with your tile roof give us a call to discuss your options. There are many different approaches to repairing tile roofs (using existing tiles and replacing underlayment’s, metals, and battens) to a complete material change. We have extensive experience in all types of tile repairs and replacements and would be happy to discuss the best path forward for your particular needs.


Skylight Repair or Replace

We have extensive experience with all types of skylights from stick down domes to complete Velux rebuilds. Using proper materials is key when replacing and rebuilding skylights and at Pete’s Roofing, we have replaced hundreds of them using correct methods of installation. From a quick dome replacement to a complete custom tear down and curb replacement we can walk you through the installation process and how we can ensure this is the last time you will worry about your skylight.

Metal Roof Specialist/Custom Flashing Replacement

Pete’s roofing continues to look for viable roofing options and has installed multiple metal roofs for customers in the Wichita area.  If you are interested in some of the benefits of installing a metal roof please give us a call and we can explain all of the options you currently have.  If you are having any issues with old flashings please give us a call.  Pete’s Roofing has extensive experience in all types of custom metal roofing work.  From chimneys and skylights to custom pans and wall flashings we can assist you in not only identifying problem areas but fixing them as well.

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