3 Signs That You Need Residential Roofing Services

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Did you recently purchase a new home?

Are you in the process of selling your current home?

Whether you are buying or selling, it’s important to consider professional roofing services to investigate the quality of the roof you live under.

Most people ignore roofing issues until they become unlivable, so we hope to assist you in identifying the signs before this happens to your family.

Find out the top 3 signs that you need residential roofing services right now.

1. The Roof Deck Is Sagging

One of the first signs that you need residential roofing services has to do with the roof deck.

If you look out to the patches along the roof deck, what do you see? If the current patches begin to sag water damage can be to blame.

Heavy storms can be the number one reason to change out your old shingles for new ones. Especially if you live in places like Florida, along with the Gulf Coast, where hurricanes can easily cause thousands of dollars in repairs after a busy hurricane season.

After destructive Category 4 Hurricane Irma hit Florida, millions of Floridians needed to evaluate the conditions of their roofs to be sure they were in the best shape possible.

Built-up moisture is another reason why you need to hire professional roofing services to handle replacing your roof deck immediately.

Check the lower points of the roof for increased signs of sagging, too.

2. Don’t Forget the Attic

Something that people forget to check when considering an entire roof replacement is the consideration of their attic.

Start with the inside of your home to see what damage has been done. If there are leaky holes that make light peek through to the outside, you will need to hire a professional to assess the ceiling.

Signs of stains can also indicate a leaky roof.

Checking the inside of your garage through the attic is yet another way to predict roof damage that must be addressed as soon as possible to eliminate worsening roof conditions that will affect your entire home.

3. Review Home Improvement Records Before Hiring Expert Roofing Services

The list of home improvements made to your family home will tell you exactly what year the roof was installed.

Most high-quality roofs will last anywhere from 20 to 25 years.

The materials that make up your roof also matter in the longevity of it.

What roof you choose to replace your current one with, consider a material like fade-resistant Symphony shingles that provide authentic coloring and a 50-year warranty.

These enduring qualities, that also happen to be affordable to install, will withstand the test of time so you can live comfortably in your family home without worrying about the condition of your roof.

Get a Professional Opinion About Your Roof

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